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I discovered Dr Christopher and his high tech mole analysis system and immediately booked an appointment.  He scanned the mole and the system ranked it as 8 out of 10 for possible melanoma so I decided it have it removed ASAP.

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EpicDermis Medical

Professional Cosmetic Treatments across South London

EpicDermis Medical offer a range of professional cosmetic treatments across our clinics in South London to help keep you look and feel young, relaxed and healthy. All our treatments take place after a free consultation with our UK trained cosmetic doctor.

All the treatments we offer will be carried out solely by a cosmetics doctor – not by a nurse or a beauty therapist. We believe that these are specialised medical procedures and such should be carried out by qualified doctors.


When you want LA treatments without having to leave London, Dr Jonny is the man for you. Priding himself on keeping patients looking natural (no Croydon facelift victims here) celebrity endorsements include some bone fide Hollywood A listers and and an endorsement for his pioneering mole detection clinic (the first of its kind in London)

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We firmly believe that our patients are our ambassadors and that the most important thing is how they feel about their treatment. Our aim is to make all our patients comfortable, in control and at ease throughout their whole treatment process.